Web Performance Calendar

A few months ago I wrote an article in Web Performance Calendar, one of the most famous performance websites in the past 10+ years.
It is created and maintained by Stoyan Stefanov and his idea for the calendar is simple: from December 1st till December 31st, publish 1 new article every day. It is an archive of high-quality, long and containing tips, ideas and insights articles.

And my article was Case Study: React partial SSR with SFCC

Vbox7.com – quick performance audit


I was curious what is the speed performance of Vbox7.com website, a vastly visited website in Bulgaria. Vbox7.com is video platform just like Youtube.com but only with Bulgarian content. In December 2019 the total (desktop, mobile & APPs) visits are 3 200 000, quite a lot, more info you can find on their page here.

Based on that I decided to not spend too much time and do quick performance analysis on the website.

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