Web Performance Calendar

A few months ago I wrote an article in Web Performance Calendar, one of the most famous performance websites in the past 10+ years.
It is created and maintained by Stoyan Stefanov and his idea for the calendar is simple: from December 1st till December 31st, publish 1 new article every day. It is an archive of high-quality, long and containing tips, ideas and insights articles.

And my article was Case Study: React partial SSR with SFCC

Vbox7.com – quick performance audit


I was curious what is the speed performance of Vbox7.com website, a vastly visited website in Bulgaria. Vbox7.com is video platform just like Youtube.com but only with Bulgarian content. In December 2019 the total (desktop, mobile & APPs) visits are 3 200 000, quite a lot, more info you can find on their page here.

Based on that I decided to not spend too much time and do quick performance analysis on the website.

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How browsers are parsing HTML script tags

The project that caused this article is React and headless architecture, a lot of API calls are returning JSONs.
We had a problem, sometimes we had white page because of a lot of JS errors.

Do you know how browsers are parsing the HTML and especially the script tags?

It is sequentially, line by line, character by character.
Look at the below HTML, what do you think will happen if you run this code?

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When to use browser push notifications

Push notifications are a really nice feature, you can trigger a notification to the user device with any text that you want with title, image, body and it even can make the mobile device to vibrate (depends on the browser) when receiving it.

This is a really cool way to get the user attention when you have promotions, forgotten baskets full of products or you have published something new.

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Why you should care when you are sending the notifications?

What I observe on vast of the majority of the news websites and not only them, is that they are sending all kind of notifications (Apps, Twitter, Emails etc.) when possible, 10 AM, 2 PM, 11 PM, 1 AM.

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How to send emails that are not marked as SPAM?

Recently I helped one company to prevent common emails for registrations and etc. to be marked as SPAM automatically from users mailboxes.

When you are using third-party service like MailChimp and with your own domain to send your emails you have to do several steps to prove all mailboxes that you are you and that you are not some spammer.

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Apache – Rewrite all URIs to a single file

This week I had to help a friend with his new small ReacJS website running on Apache.

His problem was that URIs which does not exist the Apache was returning as 404 pages, he needed a common rule used by a lot of PHP frameworks, Rewrite all URIs which are not Files or Directories to /index.html

Example URL www.example.com/myprofile to actually load www.example.com/index.html and let the ReactJS route do his work and show what it needs.

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