Arduino UNO WiFi connect to WiFi

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After you update your firmware of the UNO, the next step is to connect it to your WiFi, it is hard to find how exactly you should do that, that’s why I will list short steps to do that.

  • Connect the board to the PC with USB, wait a few seconds the WiFi to start
  • Connect your laptop or phone to Arduino Wifi, you will find it, its name will be something like “Arduino Uno Wifi XXX”
  • Open in the browser address and you will see the WiFi dashboard, on the left side click WiFi and find your network and enter the password
  • After clicking on connecting you will see what IP address the UNO got, like
  • Now disconnect the laptop or phone from Arduino WiFi and connect to yours, then load in the browser and you will see the same screen
  • Done, UNO now is connected to your WiFi automatically when you turn it on

More information you can find here for how to connect and also on the webarchive getting started tutorial

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