Arduino UNO WiFi R3 WiFi Firmware updater – IDE 1.8.2+

I was trying to connect to my new Arduino UNO WiFi R3 to my WiFi network in home and had to spend big amount of time in searching of errors like Can't communicate with programmer!; programmer is not responding; WiFi shield not present OR cc.arduino.plugins.unowifi.UpdaterImpl$
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How to integrate Amazon AWS SQS

SQS stands for Simple Queue Service, is a highly scalable and reliable distributed queueing system, which can be used to make applications asynchronous.

I will show you the simplest way of integrating the SQS, installing AWS SDK, Creating a Queue and a Worker to manage the queues and push tasks to Queues.
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How to use Amazon PHP AWS SDK

If you have to use one of their services with the new PHP SDK 3.31 you will have to first install it using composer

composer install aws/aws-sdk-php

then you have to

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Zend Framework 2: performance optimization

Nowadays the performance of a website is very very important for everything, user experience, Google and so on.

I have found nice PDF from one PHP conference in 2014 by Gary Hockin, this guy is Zend Framework contributor and made these awesome instructions how to optimize our Zend Framework 2 and how to use best practices.

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